My brain

I walk around all day thinking stuff. Funny stuff! And when I sit down Thursday night to draw, do you think I could remember any of it? Nope. I always have the thought, “If I can’t remember it, maybe it’s not an idea worth remembering” but let’s be honest- I only say that to make myself feel better at all the GEMS I forget because I was too lazy to write them down.

Anyway, this comic is 100% accurate- Smallville is perfect. If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favour and at least watch the pilot episodes. If you’ve ever asked yourself “What if the world’s greatest superhero was a moody teenager who happened to live in a town laced with kryptonite and for some reason the kryptonite makes mutant baddies, and rather than blaming the kryptonite everyone gets mad at a big corporation, and for the first 4 seasons the owner of the corporation is best friends/unhealthy obsessed with the moody teenager superhero” then LET ME TELL YOU- Smallville IS perfect. It’s nostalgia packed into 45 minute episodes. I mean, the earnestness in Tom Welling’s eyes could kill a puppy (if earnestness were a way of fighting).

Anyways- happy Friday!