Canzine 2019!

Ignore the URL written on the bottom of the comic- it’s dead and doesn’t work anymore! haha! is the way to go.

The last indie comic/zine thing I got to go to was literally five or six years ago. I wasn’t tabling at Canzine, but it was great to get around and take a look at stuff! I got some really cool books and zines to thumb through, highlights include seeing a bunch of Cloudscape people and getting to pick up some of their stuff! I didn’t have a table, but I still made a mini-collection of these here GO GO MACH ROCKET SHEEP comic strips. I still have a few I didn’t hand out, so if you see me in the next two weeks and have the courage to say “Go go mach rocket sheep” to me in person, I’ll make sure to give yah one!

Next year, I’ll definitely try to get a table at Canzine, especially if they do it at the library again. It’s a cool venue (the top few floors of the big ol public library built to resemble the colosseum). It had a really fun and relaxed vibe. If I had a million dollars, I would of bought everything there! And if I lived in vancouver, the central branch of the vancouver public library would be where I hang out all the time.