The ultimate meta non sequitur

This comic may be my crowning achievement. Not only did I get to rip off my favourite joke from emperor’s new groove, and make a self-deprecating comic about my comics, I did it in a way that works. Truly, it’s all down-hill from here!

Good one

I’ve been reading so many comic strips about writers block lately that I suppose it was only a matter of time before I ran head first into a bout of it myself.

I find the best way to snap out of writer’s block is to shift projects. I might make some three panel space chucks if I don’t snap out of it naturally in the next few days. I could make those for weeks. The last time I shifted out of my regular comic making routine, I made a graphic novels worth of Sci-fi! Haha.
The reality is, my brain is tired, and when I have ol’ tire brain, I don’t tend to crank out anything good. All I really want to do is sit around and watch smallville. That might have something else to do with it!

Music is good

I sat down last night to make a comic and had no ideas, other than the fact that the music we listen to can really colour everything we see. So I made that into a comic! 😉 have a great day!

Sibling love

I never realized that taco night could turn into such a competition! But I suppose sibling rivalry isn’t restricted to any one area of life. Tortilla chips may just be the most legitimate way to tell who is superior.

Farsight- a hero for the rest of us!

sometimes, I watch a lot of smallville. Sometimes, that causes me to think of how ridiculous the whole concept of superheroes really is.

Time to read

When I was in college, I thought I did a lot of reading. Now that in my masters, I know better! Imagine what the poor PhD’s gotta put themselves through!