It’s a bit chewy

You wouldn’t do this with a box of mac & cheese, but if you’re like me, in the course of your life there have probably been one or two times when you ARE doing this exact thing (just not with a box of mac and cheese). Maybe you currently are stuck in the middle of it, and rather than just admitting the blunder and making the change, you soldier on, eating our soggy cardboard.

Why do you do this? Pride? But there’s nothing more pathetic than the sight of a dude eating cardboard, so save your pride and admit you were wrong. Sometimes people eat their cardboard in secret, saving their pride because nobody sees how pathetic it is. That being said, I feel like the better option is just to not eat cardboard. Maybe, though, you’ve developed a taste for cardboard? The only way you can undo that is by tasting the real deal. And what is the real deal? Why, it’s MAC AND CHEESE. (or insert a food you like)