Gamer troubs

There’s nothing worse than really loving a game but sucking at it. Final fantasy xii might be one of my favourite games ever, but just like every other final fantasy game, the last boss is throwing me for a loop! I got all the way to the last boss, no problems, which is an investment of about 50 hours stretched out over three months or so.

If you’ve never been into games, It’s useful to think of a game like final fantasy as a tv series, a story game stretched out over a longer period of time than a movie, because that’s essentially what it is. There’s the “game” portion, which is the fighting and the battles and the leveling up and all that fun, but what really brings me back to these games time and time again is the story! The game rewards you buy giving you more of the story the more you succeed at the game. But here I am, at the last boss, and i’m Not good enough to finish the story! Achtttt!

I could always YouTube the ending, but I feel like that’s betraying my hours of investments… plus I wouldn’t get the “new game +” mode, which is basically the option to replay the whole game with some benefit. I guess i’ll Just have to repeat my 1.5 hour boss Fight a thousand times until I get it right! Luckily ffxii is a lot of fun.