Space is so cool

Space is so cool, both the science fiction/fantasy and the real deal are so inspiring and awesome. When I got to go to NASA in Houston, it was such a cool experience, seeing all the rockets and space suits. I was really sick and a bit delirious, but walking into the hangar with the Saturn v rocket on its side and seeing how massive it was (even in its state of deterioration) it was inspiring. Of course, seeing an x wing pull an e-break turn to kill some tie fighters is pretty inspiring too. I’m equally inspired by both, because I’m what you’d call “easy to amuse.”
I will say this though: space failures are way more impressive in reality than they are in fantasy. When a Sci fi movie fails, nobody’s happy. When a billion dollar mission fails because somebody missed a decimal point, well, that’ll make you ponder existence. space is hard.

Charcuterie 4 lif3

Is there anything worse than a platter full of amazing food, knowing that it taste as good as it looks, while at the same time knowing it consists 100% of all the stuff I’m not really supposed to be eating? Yeesh! And I could make an exception, but where does that end? I tell you where it ends- with a missing charcuterie board and 6 months of healthier eating down the drain. But oh man. One day.

At our young adults group we had a charcuterie board tonight. I’m not ashamed to admit that my mouth literally watered and I almost drooled. Also I got a lump of plastic poo in the gift exchange, so there’s that.