An oldie

Every once in a while at my job, I get to spend the day engaged in creative pursuits, writing, drawing, animating. The work is enjoyable! The time crunch is not. Today was one of those days- inbetween my meetings, I drew and animated and wrote and drew and animated like a madman, trying to get stuff done to the point so that the computer could render stuff while I was in my next meeting. Why do I say all of this?

Well, on a day like that, I don’t have a whole lot left in the creative tank. The truth is I have two or three killer strips (because my kids are ridiculous and had some real funny moments in the last little while) but I don’t have the energy left to get ideas onto the page. I’m looking at the clock and realizing I still gotta get some exercise in, and I still have a couple of hours of boring office work to get in. So instead, I present to you one of my favorite late-era Charlie and the Ghost strips I made in the last few years. This 100% happened at the ferry terminal in Vancouver, and I’ll never forget it. I almost laughed in her face.

Comic realism

Let’s get ahead of the game and start developing some good dishes you can make out of locusts and cockroaches. I know some countries have bug snacks like grasshoppers and ants and stuff, bagged like chips! They’ve got the right idea… rather than pretending it’s not insects, just go all in and own it.