Whining about whiners

First order, you must, your house- if Desire fresh merchandise you do.

my favourite present I got this year for Christmas is the LEGO millennium flacon. It’s the one from solo, which is awesome for reasons I won’t get into here. My brother and I spent most of yesterday building it, and we’re almost done. Very fun

There was another release of the falcon from the new star wars movie this year, one of the few star wars ship toys that was “new”, but to be honest I didn’t want it because it didn’t look as fun and I have a theory as to why.
before solo, every Star Wars movie had a bunch of new toys (and for the sake of clarity, the only toys I care about are the ships). But, (and I’ll put my tinfoil hat on at this point), because people bickered so much about solo, they didn’t make any new ships or anything cool merch wise for the new movie because they are worried people won’t buy it.
But star wars is cool, and the ships are the best, and whatever.