It was easy to peel

Instead of “space fighter” think “rob’s car” and you’ll get a more accurate picture. But sometimes it’s more fun to draw space fighters!

Just sit on them

Or wash your hands regularly, or wear a helmet (full face visor), or just fill a bathtub with hand sanitizer and stay in there forever. No amount of reasonable precaution can get us out of our heads. It’s awful that people are dying of this, I hope they can figure it out and help people.

T&T, you’ve failed me

Honestly, I’ve been waiting to drop in at t&t for over a month, ever since my local super store stopped carrying this particular t&t product: tnt brand medium dry noodles. They’re the best, and cheap, and reasonably healthy. I was excited to go straight to the source and pick up five bags, but they were all. Sold. Out. So I bought a 5kg bag of sticky rice instead.

Life hacks for average joes

The first panel is something I have recently discovered. I used to watch smallville while I walked on the elliptical, but I ran out of that. Then I was watching YouTube, but the ads are the worst. Then we set the tv up in the garage again, so I put the switch on that and it’s PERFECT. I can have half of the controller in each hand and walk for 30 mins straight without even looking at the watch. I might just play breath of the wild and walk on the elliptical forever.

the second panel is something I discovered about 6 months ago. I’ve already made a comic about how much I love using one travel mug at work, but here are few more reasons I love it: 1) it always feels like you’re going somewhere 2) less prone to spill on my clothes 3) when I do knock it over, it leaks and spills slower than a mug

the third panel is outside of my experience, but I thought it was funny. Well, sort of. I don’t think gun violence is funny, but I do think the idea of robbing a bank as being a life hack is funny.

life hack! Make your very own drill from SCRATCH using cardboard, hot glue, and a drill you’ve taken apart.

Cumulative case argumentation

It’s true- being bad at something doesn’t mean you’re a failure! Not inherently. There is no need to be great at everything, and being bad at one thing does not mean you are bad at all things. I mean, at a certain point, with failures mounting left and right, it’s easy to start thinking that maybe failure is a defining factor of your life.
For example, I’ve worked at no less then 5 businesses that went out of business shortly after I worked there. Once or twice, and it feels coincidental, but 5 times? Was I to blame? Meh.

Anyways, I just thought this comic out as I was driving home from work, In response to those positive thinking “success memes” which are omnipresent in my social media feeds these days.

Making friends

Making friends is a bit difficult as an adult, but it doesn’t have to be. People like music or movies or books or whatever. Maybe I’m being naive, but if you get to know someone long enough and you can usually find something you have in common. Not with everyone, but thankfully, there are usually more than one person, and you don’t have to be hang-out buddies with everybody.

We were at the park yesterday afternoon and the first two panels of this comic happened almost verbatim. Pretty funny stuff!

Success metrics

I was going to post a long blog write up expounding on this thought, but I think the comic strip expresses my sentiments adequately (and you are free to agree or disagree!). I think in comic strips, and so that’s the medium I invest in. I’ve tried my hand at writing longer form comics and graphic novels, but this is my sweet spot. No point being sad about the fact that the stuff I’m good at making isn’t the stuff that tends to be remembered for a long time- it’s good enough to bring joy in a moment (or it should be, anyways!).