It’s a lot to not think about

I’ve made versions of this comic before, praising the virtues of mediocrity and my place in the great circle of excellence (it’s a low place), so I won’t dwell too much on that in this post. Btw, my buddy Clayton gets props for talking me into taking this comic in the direction you see here, so if this comic strikes you as being particularly clever, he gets the credit! (if it’s confusing now, you should of read it before! Haha)

I did want to write a bit about this, though:

How frustrating would it be to be a creative genius, and have your artistic fate determined by how accessible your work is to people who aren’t creative geniuses?

Somewhere in the world, some poor creative genius is floundering because they’re too good at what they do and nobody has any clue what they are taking about (they probably live next door to the narcissist who thinks that they themselves are that type of genius).

I was reading about a musician who was HUGE in the 90’s and was celebrated as a genius through the 00’s and how they recently tried to stage a comeback- only to fail miserably. Imagine how awful it would feel, having people worship the ground you walk on for decades, and then reject you so utterly because they don’t enjoy your latest work! Would you question the work or the audience? Would you question yourself?