Advertising is ridiculous

Seriously though, Quaker oatmeal squares (which actually only contain 4 grams of Fibre per serving) are the greatest breakfast cereal ever invented. They taste so good, they don’t need advertisement. This is not an ad. I am in no way paid to promote their cereal (although I’d be open to the idea- contact my agent, you beautiful Quaker geniuses).

anyways, as I was chomping away at my favourite cereal, I was trying to remember how I got introduced to such delicious morsels (as it certainly wasn’t an advertisement- not enough sugar to warrant a commercial). Then I started thinking about what a commercial might look like, and I remembered the old adage “sex sells” and after I stopped laughing at the idea of a sexy oat squares commercial, voila! This was made. You’ve been comic stripped.

seriously though, you should definitely buy and eat this cereal. Try it, and like me, you’ll give a crap.