A Jackle!

This morning, I asked my daughter what a good idea for a comic would be. She said, “you are walking Up the stairs and then I jump out and go “hssssss” And I am a cat” and I modified the idea a bit (drawing stairs would be a pain) but I feel like I kept the spirit of the idea!
they are watching YouTube drawing tutorials and “let’s bake” videos and is there anything better then a lazy Saturday morning?


As I was driving home from dropping my daughter off from school, I saw another parent casually telling a joke to a crossing guard, whose reaction was so over the top it left him visibly shaken. I don’t know exactly what he said to her, but I’ve been there. A buddy of mine in high school, if you told him a lame joke, would do exactly this. At the time it was horrible, but it’s sort of funny to think of now.

Getting old

We went to my brother’s show in Vancouver last night, and it was so great. We went with some good friends, and when we got there, A mini college reunion! It’s awesome, bumping into some of my oldest friends. There are people I saw last night that I haven’t seen since 2003, and people I haven’t seen since 2010, and good lord 2003 is almost twenty years ago. I’m at the age where I can say ‘oh man I haven’t seen you in twenty years.’

Anyway, Andy killed it as per usual, his band was so good, he played one of my favourite old songs for the encore. His level of musicianship in playing and singing and arranging really blows me away. I’m lucky if I take good enough notes during a rehearsal to remember what I told the band to do for an intro.

Anyways! I am quite tired. We got back into town around 1am and I think it was closer to 1:30 that we finally fell asleep. This comic will serve as a reminder that the next time Andy has a local show, I will need to nap for the entire day beforehand. Haha!

Violent tendencies

Recently, as a staff party/team building/bonding exercise, and also just because it’s fun and awesome, we went to the VRkade in Abbotsford and played virtual dodge ball, 3 vs 3. It was so much fun! Honestly, I can’t even explain how good it was. I have a PSVR at home, but playing vr games with 5 other people, and there are another 6 people playing, and you can hear the screams as people destroy each other virtually? Oh man, there’s actually nothing quite like it. So good highly recommend!

I eat pain for breakfast

But actually, nothing hurts more then ripping a bandaid off when it’s caught in arm hair, or leg hair, or any hair really.

The only problem

My wife heard this conversation between our daughters, and I had to make it in comic form for posterity’s sake. To me, the funniest part of this comic is calling the seashells a “sparkly bra”.

Middle names are important

‘Changing your name’ has been a topic of conversation amongst my kids for the last week or so. The debates have been heated and lively. My youngest had settled on the name in the comic, only to wake up this morning and announce that she has decided to keep the name we had given her at birth. Probably a good call!