The magic is fading

Alright. Let me start this by saying: if you read this comic, thank you! Thank you thank you thank you. I make it because I like reading comics, and I like making comics, and I like when people read the stuff I make. The medium of comic strips is an artistic conversation I feel like I can contribute too. Knowing that people read these and enjoy them is important to me, not for the sake of vanity but rather because it feels like their purpose is fulfilled (the comic strips purpose, that is). Music is written and recorded to be listened too and enjoyed- I make comics to be read and to give people a laugh.

Alright, let the rant commence.

Actually, this comic fairly adequately and concisely expresses my feelings on the matter. If you aren’t a fan of lord of the rings movies, let me just say: the magic is draining from this world, who needs dragons when people are worse.