All good things…

Is there anything better then the first play-through of a really well done game?

I’m late to the Nintendo switch scene, and so I’ve only recently been playing breath of the wild. What a game. It might be the perfect game. Every screenshot is a painting, the story is crafted to be discovered, the game play is enjoyable at every aspect. It’s a puzzle that rewards you for solving it with more complexity and nuance.

I’m not a gamer. Not anymore anyways, games these days tend to require time commitments and skill sets I’m not interested in. But this game is beautiful.

I really don’t want it to end! I mean, I feel bad for Zelda and all, being trapped in that castle, but I might just hold off on saving her (even though I probably could at any point now.)

full disclosure: frame one is a relatively direct rip off of screen shots and google image mined art.


There are other ways to keep dreams alive, like allowing your perspective to be changed by your dreams, or by working to make your dreams reality, or by sleeping non-stop, or by perpetually expending energy to engage your imagination and constantly re-frame your life to line up with your own whimsical preferences. But then you sneeze hard, and pull something in your neck, and suddenly it all feels a bit contrived.

Dreams aren’t just the subconscious ramblings and sortings of a brain engaged in defragmenting, they’re also our waking hopes and aspirations. But you kill them the same way- abruptly with a dose of reality, or gradually and gently with the passing of time as your perspective changes and your dreams become irrelevant. New dreams replace the old ones though, so we’ll always have something to lose (haha!).

Why do I write this? No reason actually- I have a rule where if a thought pops into my head and it would make a good comic, I do that and try and keep it as close to the original thought as possible. I was driving listening to CBC radio, and someone mentioned something about keeping their dreams alive and I had the thought, “How do you kill a dream?” and then laughed to myself at the obvious answer- then was sad when I realized it’s the same with aspirational dreams, and something that can make me happy and sad at the same time is usually a good sign.