All good things…

Is there anything better then the first play-through of a really well done game?

I’m late to the Nintendo switch scene, and so I’ve only recently been playing breath of the wild. What a game. It might be the perfect game. Every screenshot is a painting, the story is crafted to be discovered, the game play is enjoyable at every aspect. It’s a puzzle that rewards you for solving it with more complexity and nuance.

I’m not a gamer. Not anymore anyways, games these days tend to require time commitments and skill sets I’m not interested in. But this game is beautiful.

I really don’t want it to end! I mean, I feel bad for Zelda and all, being trapped in that castle, but I might just hold off on saving her (even though I probably could at any point now.)

full disclosure: frame one is a relatively direct rip off of screen shots and google image mined art.