A hope and a future

Covid 19 is awful. It’s hard to see what life might look like after, it’s already changed so much of our world. I saw two things online that really resonated with me.

the first was a tweet that went something like “well, here’s to two months of wondering if my chest pain and light cough is covid or if it’s allergies and intense anxiety”.
the second was a comic I saw today on Reddit that went something like “the great prophecy of old has been fulfilled! The world didn’t end, but it did suck for a while.” It’s going to suck for a long while, for a lot of people, in a really bad way. But life will go on.
I’m really looking forward to when people aren’t dying of this. I’m also looking forward to toilet paper.

also, as a natural introvert, When it comes to being stuck at home- I’m coping better then most of the extroverts in my life.