What a reality

When appropriate civic duty means living like the kind of person I was generally discouraged against becoming, it’s cause to pause and reflect. Maybe the people who told me I shouldn’t play so many video games were wrong about other things- like, what If money can’t actually provide for all your needs? What if hard work doesn’t always pay off? What if Sasquatch are real, the Ogopogo exists, and bacon is good for my cholesterol? None of it feels real.

we’re now two weeks into social distancing in my household. In one day, I’ve gotten further through final fantasy vii then I used to get in a week. I even discovered a funny joke in one of the flash-back scenes that I’ve never seen in any of the other 20+ play-throughs I’ve done in the past. 12 year old me would be stoked that I’m supposed to stay at home playing video games and not going outside… but I could never of imagined the world events that would need to happen for this to be the best course of action for everyone.