Inspiration takes many unexpected forms! Thanks to my brother for inspiring this one.

I used to hate mirrors. For some reason they freaked me out. Maybe I saw it in a horror movie or something, but I always thought something freaky would happen like I’d look at a mirror and it’d smile back at me or something. It turns out that’s not actually that uncommon a fear.

Years of planning WASTED

I think I’ve made a few versions of this comic over the years. I just think birds regurgitating is really funny and gross!

this is 66.6666~% true

To all the mom-schoolers out there (moms who are now homeschooling not by choice), know that your efforts are not in vain!

Hard questions to answer

Haha! Ahh. Too much of a good thing and all that! I do love and like my kids, but I mean, I think it makes for a funny comic, so…

Horror comics

I really like reading horror comics! I hate horror movies, but I like horror comics because you can control how fast you flip the pages, so you can get creeped out without having any jump scares. Anyways, I’ve made the odd horror comic, but my style is too cartoony and it doesn’t come across as creepy. So tonight, too tried to draw, I figured I’d try out some of the LT conversion features of clip studio. Low and behold, it can make creepy stuff pretty easy! Haha.
don’t worry, gogomachrocketsheep isn’t gonna turn into a creepy comic.

How to write a good novel

Not a great novel, mind you. Just a good one. Good is a theologically loaded word, but if you don’t care about theology, good isn’t a great word to describe something that’s, well, good. Like if someone spent all day making you a cake and in their enthusiasm they asked “tell me, how is it?” And you took a bite and said “good,” well, I think you’d be wearing that cake now wouldn’t you?

I’ve had a couple awesome ideas for a novel. The first is that I watch the lord of the rings trilogy, And with some good speech to text software, I describe everything I see through the eyes of an 8 year old and it is one big long run on sentence. Nothing would give me more joy then to talk up my novel to somebody and then hand that brick of a book to them and watch the confusion on their face.