Standards change

I really want to make a short comic series about my space chuck people. For a year after I stopped making “charlie and the ghost” and before I started making go go Mach rocket sheep, I made Sci fi stories! You can read them at if you want. I still have a few chapters left that I’ve never posted, come to think of it! I should probably get around to that sometime soon.

anyways, it was a useful shift for me creatively. I had gotten pretty tired of making gag-a-day charlie and the ghost comic strips. I was fresh out of ideas. Shifting to story telling was a lot of fun! But I much prefer working on a comic strip every day, and posting them regularly, then storing it all up and posting it at once. I could do the best of both worlds- slow day is a story I made one comic strip at a time (you can read that if you click the rob’s comics tab at the top of the site). Hmm! Maybe a series about our idiot chuck going on a date would be fun.