Alrighty, GoGoMachRocketeers! Here it is- a little something I’ve been working on for the last week or so. I made it as a proof of concept for a way of combining my two hobbies: making music, and making comics!

These days, I haven’t been feeling much like making daily comic strips. Making comic strips is a source of joy to me when I’m in the right headspace. Usually my “writing workflow” goes something like this: I’m going about my day, something really bizarre or funny (or even completely normal but I think of it in a bizarre or funny way) happens, and I think “this would be a funny comic” and that evening, I draw it and post it. That’s fun! Because I love drawing and it’s nice to have something to draw. But Covid doesn’t have me in a “daily comic strip” headspace, and sitting around trying to think up something funny to draw doesn’t really help. I’d rather sit around and dream up other things, and so…

Covid DOES have me in a “making music” and “dreaming up stories” sort of a mood. way way WAY before I made charlie and the ghost and spacechuck and gogomachrocketsheep comic strips, I made youtube videos (which are lost to youtube time, I can’t find them) which were essentially slide shows set to music telling a story. I wish i could find them, just to see if I’ve gotten any better. But anyways, this video is a proof of concept for one iteration further than a music slideshow- a little animation, some still images, set to music, that tell a story that I have fun making. AND, I think more people are willing to watch a 3 minute video than are willing to sit down and read 3 minutes of comics.

Anyways, I hope you liked this video! Thanks for watching. has short comic stories featuring the characters in this short movie! And if you like the song, I might put out a gogomachrocketsheep EP once I’ve got a few of these under my belts.