I haven’t written anything on this here blog for a while, so here-goes!

I like maintaining a comics depository off of the typical social media platforms, and that is this blog/site (even though this isn’t a place where I get a ton of traffic). Facebook and Instagram is where most people read my stuff, but those platforms can all be such a headache for this reason: they are constantly saying, “hey! Want more people to see this? Well, for the low low price of…” which doesn’t exactly work 1:1 for my stuff. The point of gogomachrocketsheep has always been sort of a one-stop-shop for my creative endeavours, which are a mile wide and an inch deep. One day you’ll get a dumb stick man comic, one day you’ll get a gently humorous anecdote inspired by something my kids said, and the next day you’ll get a throw back to the year I spent drawing my sci fi comic. Promoting a post on social media works well when people follow a page from a promoted post they see and get more of the same, but that’s not really how I work, or have any desire to work. I’d love to reach more people with my work don’t get me wrong- but I’d rather reach people that like the breadth of my work without me having to cater to the one specific aspect of my work they’ve enjoyed. So what am I saying?

  1. Thanks for reading my stuff!
  2. You are all the best!