Quality creative output

When time feels like it’s in short supply, it has a huge negative impact on creative productivity! Sort of! For the most part, I love deadlines. But when deadlines in other areas of my life eat up the head-space I normally delegate for creative endeavours outside of work, well, then you get a comic like this! Which I still think is pretty funny, but maybe that’s just me. Other then the copy and pasting of the art, but I mean, it serves to make the joke work? It’s just painful to look at is all.

WHY do I make comics? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! For so many reasons. Not only is it a pressure release valve and a somewhat healthy way to get my head in the right place, and a creative outlet where I can express myself, and something that brings me joy, it’s also a medium through which I can make friends (both in-person and the internet variety from all over the world). Comics like this (lazy ones) don’t really further my agenda of reaching more people with my comics, which is definitely on my agenda no doubt about it, but a comic like this does check all of those other boxes. Anyhoo! Hope you’re having a good day!