GGMRS Week review: april 11

I was reading up on how people are using the internet these days and was shocked- SHOCKED- to find out that people are sort of falling out of love with social media (there’s a bit of sarcasm in that sentence, just in case it doesn’t translate well in text). All of the various social medias tune their algorithms in a way that is useful for them to drive engagement, but isn’t super useful for content creators (and even social media USERS)… Long story short, the articles I was reading was emphasizing (and prophesying) the return of the reign of the website, the email list, and the RSS feed. Let me tell yah- I’m on board! So I think I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to update my social media like I normally do- whenever I make something. But I’m going to update this website once a week with a blog post, this week’s “Let’s Draw” video, and any comic strips I made throughout the week. Comment below if you’re stoked on this idea ’cause I am! Thanks so much for reading! Enjoy the comics.