GoGo Weekly May 30th, 2021

This week, when it came time to draw, the only thing I wanted to draw was food- I was VERY HUNGRY. I tried to draw a few other ideas for the ‘let’s draw’ but none of them panned out because I had food on the brain. I finally decided just to draw food.

At the behest of my cloudscape buddies here in Vancouver, I also spent some time putting together a bit of a tutorial on how to utilize the LiDar camera on an ipad to make quick and easy 3D models for use in drawing software (so you don’t have to sketch out backgrounds every time from scratch). Even if you aren’t a digital artist, I think it’s a pretty interesting topic. Check it out!

Other than that, I’m STILL waiting on proofs for the GoGoMachRocketSheep comic strip collection from the cheaper printer. I got the proof back from the expensive (wayy to expensive in my opinion) printer and it looks exactly as I had hoped it would! So we’ll see what happens with the other one.

I can’t remember if I posted this video or not in last week’s update, so I’ll post it one more time here! I’m hoping to, on occasion and as schedules allow, do some live-streaming where I pick a character, draw it once from reference, and then spend as long as I can stomach trying to draw it over and over again until I master the proportions and can draw it from memory. Check it out if you want!

I think that’s all I got for this week. I had a big paper due for my class so most of my free time (…when I wasn’t making three youtube videos) was spent working on that.

See you next week!