Go Go Weekly: Sunday June 13th, 2021

My oh my, ANOTHER week has flown by… and- AND- I forgot to do a post for last week! which means there’s TWO art tutorials in this post, as well as a lot of other fun stuff… so READ ON!

Alright. Ever since I’ve stopped making daily comics (not permanently, mind you- just a hiatus! It’s important to take a step back once in a while and evaluate the ever-changing landscape etc etc) I’ve been waiting for different proofs to come through for my book collecting all of the good gogomachrocketsheep comics into one bound edition! The proof I’m REALLY interested in seeing is supposed to get here on Tuesday and I can HARDLY WAIT! If it’s good, I’m gonna make them available for purchase.

I’ve also been drawing more colouring sheets, like these:

One is my messy garage (I used the LiDar scan of my garage to make that one) and one is a robot (I really like drawing robots, what can I say?)

Other than that, the BIGGEST and MOST TIME CONSUMING thing that has by far occupied most of my free time in the last week was a video project I did the drawing and animation for my group project. I haven’t been in a group project since high school, which is like, 20 years ago… but my group was really kind and gave me a pretty sweet deal: they would do the research and write the script, and I would draw and animate. I’m pretty happy with how my part came out and I’ll post it here if you’re interested- but, and I totally get it- it isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Other then that, it was my ten year wedding anniversary with my wife Diana- we had a good mini get-away and I ate the most expensive food I’ve ever eaten… and let me tell you, I’m totally ruined on cheap food now- all I want is $50 steaks from here on in!

Last and CERTAINLY not least, I spent quite a bit of time playing lego with my daughter. I’ve got a slight obsession with Fomula One racing because of that netflix documentary series, so I tried making a few F-1 (ish) cars.

Anyhoo! Even though I’m not making comics every day, I still get plenty of opportunity to do creative stuff, and I’m thankful for all of these opportunities. I hope this update finds you well! Thanks for reading.