GoGo Weekly: June 27th, 2021

I’m writing this at six in the morning, sitting in a nicely air conditioned room. Outside of this room my house is about 25 degrees celsius, which is as cool as it got last night. Today- it’s supposed to get up to 43 degrees celsius, which will be the hottest it’s ever been in my little town (at least, for as long as I’ve been living here). STILL, I refuse to complain about the heat- every year people complain about the weather. If it’s hot, it’s TOO hot. If it’s cold, it’s TOO cold. Well I’m trying my darndest to channel those feelings into comics, which should be evident this week! 😀

I think I was going through some sort of “making comics” withdrawl- I don’t think I’ve EVER made 10 comic strips in a week, especially when my wrist didn’t really function for a couple days of it.

Anyways, I hope all is well with you this week! Thanks for reading GoGoMachRocketSheep!

I should have my first shipment of books to sell sometime this week! Keep an eye out on the website for a “buy the book” button- it’ll probably be on the top menu tab.