GoGo Weekly, July 5th, 2021

Well HELLO THERE! As you can see in the video above, my BOOK is FINISHED, In Stock, and ready to be purchased! Click here to order a book.

It’s been another week all free and clear from classes, which apparently means I made A LOT of comic strips. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up this pace, but you gotta strike when the iron’s hot, you know? Here they are!

You’ll notice that I said I’ve been experimenting with new art techniques, and you’ll also notice that 1/2 of the comics I made this week have line art that looks a bit different. That’s because I’ve been drawing them on the Remarkable2 tablet! That’s an e-paper display ‘tablet’ that you can draw on.

I’m going to do a proper video review of this tablet as one tool in a digital artist’s tool kit- but for now, I’ll say this: It’s really fun to draw on, and it’s tricky to get the drawings off of it and preserve how good the art looks on an e-paper display onto a regular display. E-paper is just so nice to look at. I’ll say more in the review video, but if you were wondering why the art looks funky in some of these strips, now you know!

If you want to watch a real time video of me drawing one of the strips, check it out:

You’ll notice that I didn’t get around to making a ‘LET’S DRAW’ this week. Two reasons: 1) School is out 2) This week is actually CRAZY BUSY at work, the busiest week of the year- we put on a soccer camp for 150 kids, and as you can imagine doing that in the middle of Covid has some planning hiccups, but the ACTUAL crazy thing that ate up most of my time is the fact that in British Columbia restrictions have really dropped off, and now churches are allowed to meet again without restrictions (which is crazy) and I spent most of my free time cleaning and organizing and setting up a building that has slowly been slipping into a state of disrepair. Everything from the chairs getting set up to the sound system being re-hooked-up. In fact, this year, I have been the least involved in running the camp as I have ever been in the +10 years I’ve worked there- most of my being busy has been setting up chairs and cleaning up rooms.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope your week is going well. See yah next week!