GoGo Weekly: July 11th, 2021

Ohhhh man am I ever tired! With local restrictions easing up, live returns to a new sense of normal. Every summer (except for last summer, when COVID restrictions were still quite strict), my church puts on a soccer camp for 150+ kids.

It’s pretty loud! and I’m very tired! And those are my excuses for no new ‘Let’s Draw’ videos. 😀

I did manage to make some comics this week though, here they are!

That last comic is a joke BTW- good ol’ GoGoMachRocketSheep will remain exactly what it is: whatever i want it to be at any given moment. That being said, if sweet sweet scifi is your jam, i’ve already made a sweet sweet comic about space ships and robots (although, not popstars yet) it’s called spacechuck and you can read it ON THE INTERNET! I’m quite proud of it and have compiled it into a book, which you can also buy on the internet.

But speaking of books, the GoGoMachRocketSheep print collection is available for purchase! I’ve got ’em in stock RIGHT NOW! Click anywhere in this paragraph to order one.

Thanks so much for reading! If you like my comics, tell a friend about this here site! Thanks so much and we’ll see yah next time.