GoGo Weekly: Aug 3rd, 2021

I made a video with my thoughts and perspectives on using the reMarkable2 tablet for art! The short answer: I use it to make all my comics now… but only the sketch layer- it’s really good for coming up with initial ideas, and not super great at making a finished product. Luckily, I love sketching on paper (and on the reMarkable2) and really HATE sketching on the ipad. The iPad feels great for cleaning art up, making nice lines, colouring, etc… but all of the extra functionality of an iPad (or macbook with wacom, or whatever) can get in the way of letting an idea breathe and develop. For the longer answer, watch the video! I’m not sponsored by them or anything, I’m just a guy who likes making digital art.

So, it’s TUESDAY! This GoGo Weekly is a bit late- I usually update on the weekends, but I’ve been hangin’ out with family! The theme of MOST of the comics from the last week are all driving and road trip and family time inspired. Family time = good time.

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See yah next update!