Go Go Weekly: Aug 29th, 2021

Another week of comic updates, fresh off the air-drop! I’m really having a lot of fun making these “Jeremy LOVES Amanda” comic strips. Most of the GoGoMachRocketSheep strips are some-what based on true things that happen to me and my family (75% truth, 25% wild exaggeration) but sometimes life just isn’t interesting enough to make journal-style comics (especially when I’ve essentially made journal style comics for 10 years and I feel like I’m repeating comics I’ve already made). The solution seems to have been this: lighthearted comic strips about relationships!

At one point, I had toyed around with the idea of a cartoon called “Jerry loves Penny” and I actually made a couple short episodes. I’ll post them below this block of text! It’s hard for me to get Jeremy and Amanda’s names in to my brain. One of these days I’ll accidentally call them Jerry and Penny and, because you’ve read this, you’ll know why! Looking at the youtube video, there are TWO things that strike me as funny… The first is “A cause to celebrate presents” which was a blog my wife and I started way back in 2012- the basic idea is that every day is a holiday somewhere, and it was going to be daily posts about what people should celebrate. Anyways, I guess I figured that was the right platform to try and start a poorly animated cartoon through! haha. I think it’s still fun though!

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for now! I’m planning on starting up the “let’s draw” videos again soon. If you have a good idea for a drawing topic you’d like to see in EASY, MEDIUM and HARD MODE, let me know!