Go Go Weekly: Sept 5th, 2021

It’s the FALL! (Or, I guess, it will technically be the fall in a week or so) but my point is, It’s COOL outside! Which means the room I make these videos in isn’t a constant hum of air conditioning- which means I can make these videos again in comfort! For, you see, in order to have audio that is usable, I had to sit in the heat of day without AC. But NO LONGER! MWAHAHA! So we’re back! If you draw along, snap a pic of your drawing and send it to that’d be great! 😀

I’ve been feeling guilty only updating the Jeremy loves Amanda comics, because i’m not exactly flexing any art muscles. Sure, it takes a bit to make the characters look the way I want, but it’s generally speaking QUITE EASY to make them compared to my normal comic offerings…. So I’m glad to get back into the art videos, they push me to TRY! Also, they free up time for other art related projects I’ve been commissioned to do, 0% of which I am able to share (after all, it’s not my stuff, you know?)

Anyhoo, I’ll end this week’s update with this silly image I made for “sword-tember” to post on Cloudscape’s discord. Cloudscape is an awesome comics community based out of Vancouver BC! Check them out by clicking the image.