Go Go Weekly: Sept 11th, 2021

I definitely got carried away with the medium mode in this week’s “Let’s Draw” video… and then the hard mode is quite ‘easy’ in comparison! What makes something easy or hard? WHO KNOWS! With art, I’m convinced the hardest thing is having the patience to continue to iterate and refine to get something to look awesome. So the medium mode isn’t as hard as it ends up looking, it’s just the same simple process repeated at nauseam. If you drew along, I’d love to see your drawings! send them to and i’ll put them in next week’s video.

With that in mind, here are some comics that are the antithesis of trying to make art that looks awesome! (I’m okay with it though)

Okay, I’m just now realizing that 9 of these comics in a week is a bit much you know? I mean, yeah they’re easy to draw, but still… 9?

Plus these two:

My goodness. That’s TOO MUCH DRAWING in one week! And that isn’t even all that I DREW! I’ve also been busy working on some commissions for people. I think… I might need to pace myself?

-sigh- there’s no getting around the fact that, when you love doing something, it’s easy to get carried away with it. The funny thing is that this last week was actually a really busy week- evening meetings, work deadlines, the whole shebang! I guess monday was a stat holiday, so maybe that’s why this week was especially comic filled?

In any case, thanks for reading! See yah next week.