GoGo Weekly: Oct 9th, 2021

My wrist is starting to heal up nicely! And just in time, because I was starting to go a bit crazy. Drawing is a fun creative expression, but for me, it’s also an outlet to process and unwind. So not being able to do it has been a bit mind numbing!

This week we’re drawing hamsters in the let’s draw. It’s fun drawing with my kids, and this week I wanted to do hamsters and my daughter said “I’ll show YOU how to draw hamsters” and she did a great job in my opinion!

My daughter also wrote a story, which I drew some pictures and made some music for and narrated. You can see that here:

Other than that, I don’t think I really got up to much this week by means of personal creative expression! I did another commission and worked on some big picture stuff but I’m still trying to rest my wrist as much as possible.

See ‘yall next week!

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