Go Go Weekly: Nov 22nd 2021!

Well, it was quite a week!

I live in BC’s lower mainland, which is currently pretty messed up because of a series of floods and mud slides that happened last week. There’s a main freeway that connects all of Canada from east to west, but the flood submerged the freeway on one side of our city and the mud slides wiped out the freeway on the other side. For a few days last week all of the additional highways were also washed out but they’ve since cleared those, so at least supplies are getting into my city. Most concerning is the area that flooded is farm land with dairy farms, poultry, etc etc.

Other then the fact that all of the schools were closed, none of it had too big of an impact on my day-to-day- most of the people who were stranded were stranded on the other side of our little newly-formed island, but it was still cool to see so many from our community find creative ways to help- whether it’s feeding 300 migrant workers or using jet boats to evacuate people, it’s pretty neat to see.

It was a rather inconvenient week to have schools shut down though- I was scheduled to do an artist in residency at my daughter’s school where I would get to teach art in every class two times throughout the week. Hopefully we can reschedule it!

I didn’t make a whole lot of comics, but I did make these:

The bottom image is what these heroes would look like if I felt like putting in 75% more effort on the art of these comic strips, but that is incredibly unlikely to happen- the whole point of the HEROIC comic strips is really simple art so I can focus on writing a story.

Thanks for reading! See yah next week!