GoGo Weekly: Jan 1st, 2022!

Happy new year!!!

At the top, a video that took me a couple of months to make! I combined my love for drawing and making videos with a love for classic Pokemon! Drawing the 151 original pokemon was something I never planned on doing, until I draw the first two, and was like “Meh, might as well go the rest of the way.” haha!

Here are some things I learned:
1) It’s useful to draw other people’s illustration styles. the artists that made these pokemon had some pretty cool rules for how they made their pokemon, and after drawing 151 of them, I think I have a better understanding of how they all work and share a ‘design language’
2) Shading carries a LOT of what makes pokemon look like pokemon. Flats just don’t do it- one layer of shading is all it takes to make them really pop!
3) Even the simplest pokemon (like ditto or caterpie) have really specific proportions you need to follow if you want them to look right

Of course, the main reason I made this (and I think i’ve referenced it in other GoGo Weekly’s) is to clear my writing brain! So often I jump into comic production mode but the writing isn’t where I want it to be… Then I’m kept just busy enough with the drawing that I never get a chance to correct my writing. This has been a nice way to cleanse the writing palette.

This took quite a while to make- about 2 months worth of free time to complete! Each pokemon took (on average) about 10 minutes to draw. But editing it all together in a way that is watchable took quite a bit longer.

There were 3 pokemon in this video where I forgot to hit the ‘record timelapse’ button on my drawing software and I had to ‘fake’ it after the fact- see if you can find ’em! haha! MWHAHAHA

For real, I doubt anybody will be able to watch the whole thing all the way through without going crazy, but that’s okay! It’s a project I made for myself and my daughters, and they are STOKED! haha.

Thanks for watching and for reading! Happy new year!