GoGo Weekly: Jan 8th, 2022

We’re back with another ‘let’s draw’ and this time we are doing PENGUINS! Oh, what fun. In my opinion, the easy/medium/hard mode were all on the easier end of the spectrum. Penguins are basically like real-life pokemon, and fresh off the heels of drawing all 151 original pokemon, it could just be that i’m used to drawing cute animals at this point!

We are one week and a day into 2022 so hopefully you don’t mind me talking ‘resolutions’. Creatively, I have some goals for this year, all of which should compliment nicely.
1) Keep making videos, grow that audience and participation
2) Focus on writing stories
3) Write some dang music

You’ll notice that writing a daily comic strip isn’t on that list of goals. I’ll still write comic strips on occasion, but I think (having done daily comic strips from roughly 2010 to 2020) when it comes to ‘goals’ I’m gonna say ‘been there, done that, what’s next?” I’ll likely still make comic strips once in a while, but I’m gonna make a more intentional shift into telling stories through comics. It might seem like an unnecessary distinction but, to me, it’s less about trying to be funny in 3 or 4 panels, and more about challenging myself to make interesting stories.

The nice thing is, with 10 years of archives, it’s easy enough to look through and post some of my favourites. So if I don’t make anything new in a given week you can at least expect a curated archive dive! WHAT FUN. Here’s what I found for yah this week:

That last one is one of the most popular comics I’ve ever made- mostly because somebody translated it into Portuguese and then posted it to a bunch of facebook groups where it got a couple hundred thousand likes. Cool, right? I think it’s sort of neat.

Thanks for reading! Comment something about yourself, I’d love to hear who yah are and how you came to find this here blog!