GoGo Weekly: Jan 30th, 2022

On this week’s “Let’s Draw” we’re doing PUPPIES! Puppies are pretty cute to draw. I think drawing pugs might be my favourite type of puppy to draw, they’re ridiculously cute and sort of like a living breathing (snorting) cartoon character.

This week I also experimented around with doing another sort of art video, albeit a bit less involved than the videos I normally make:

I often have people say “You should show us how to draw ______” and I feel like this is a way to do that without it being a normal easy/medium/hard video. The only thing I speed up in this one is colouring, so it makes the inking process a bit easier to follow.

Other than that, this week was the last week of the daily cloudscape art challenge. Here’s what I made this week:

The prompt was “Clouds” so I animated the Cloudscape logo to be dancing
The caption was “lucky”, as is clearly indicated at the bottom! I guess it looks like “Crunch” was the prompt. Ah well.
This one is a bit of a cheat- two prompts melted into one. The first prompt was “Multiple” and I couldn’t think of anything, mostly because I mis-read and spent most of my time thinking of a drawing for “multiply” that didn’t transfer well to the actual word! haha. The second prompt was “Sandwich”
The prompt for this one was “fall”. If i had the time and the energy, I would draw an epic book about robot battles where the robots look really detailed and intricate and the environments look atmospheric, but the characters are really simple. We’re talkin SIMPLER than tin-tin style.

Other than that, this week I also spent some time trying to figure out different video techniques- specifically the object tracking in final cut pro, and some new features in Moho. ALSO, using handbrake to take videos and COMPRESS THE SNOT OUT OF THEM. This video clip below would fit on a floppy disk. MADNESS! Check it out:

Other than all of that, lately I have repurposed my comic-making time to be reading-about-how-narrative-works time. It’s been enjoyable to learn about story structure and then read a short story and then have a pro show why it works so well- I hope to glean something from it and apply it to my own writing.

Thanks so much for reading! If you enjoy this blog, or my drawing videos, or my comics, do me a favour and pass it along to a friend! Until I start back up making comics, please enjoy this selection from my comic archives:

See you next week! 😀