This week we’re drawing CHICKENS! What fun, what fun. Also I started making comics again, check ’em out!

I love making comic strips for many reasons, but one that I always seem to forget is that they are a useful means for me to try to work out my thoughts… Especially when I made “charlie and the ghost” comic strips because they weren’t based in anything specific in my life and allowed me to try and make rants entertaining and accessible (while also helping me to work out my thoughts on a variety of subjects!) Anyways, I made charlie and the ghost for almost 10 years before I took a break and shifted into space chuck, then took a break from that and started GoGoMachRocketSheep. I might be drawing these for a bit, I hope you like them!

Oh yeah, also I’m keeping them greyscale to go easy on my schedule. Coloring takes time!

Thanks ‘yall, see yah next week! 😀