GoGo Weekly: Feb 26th, 2022

This week we’re drawing CHIMERAS! And if you wanna see me suck at pronouncing the word “Chimera” for ten minutes, it’s definitely a video you’re gonna wanna check out! haha! The easy mode Chimera is the Liger from Napoleon dynamite. Ligers are actually real and are HUGE and crazy, but we are drawing the purely made-up version. Drawing mythical monsters is pretty fun- it’s alright if they end up looking crazy!

There are so many awful things happening in the world right now. I hate war- who doesn’t? And having a good attitude can help in most situations but it won’t stop war. But having hope isn’t the same thing as putting on a good attitude. I don’t know. This week I’ve been reading up on history and trying to understand why the war in Ukraine is happening- I’m no closer to understanding then I was a week ago. War is awful and I’m praying for a peaceful resolution.

I didn’t make as many comics or art videos this week because my desk and computer is al packed up and put away. So I’ll beef up this post with some of my favourite old Charlie and the Ghost strips: