GoGo Weekly: March 12th, 2022

Today we’re drawing Sandwiches! Delicious delicious sandwiches. Easy, Medium and Hard mode, as per usual! I had a number of people request that we do sandwiches so you know, I GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! The medium mode one looks the best in my opinion- but I also feel like clubhouse sandwiches are sort of a rip-off. A delicious rip-off. It’s the sort of sandwich i’d let someone else purchase for me.

Other than sandwiches, here’s some news: My house sold! Which is very exciting for us. We aren’t moving until the summer but now that it sold, we can get going on figuring out other life stuff! Also, hopefully now my mind won’t be quite as occupied and I can get back to doing various creative endeavours.

I also got to do some more directed drawing at an after-school program here in my city. It MIGHT just be my favourite thing in the world. Also- kids LOVE Naruto so I guess I should learn how to draw Naruto? Pokemon and Naruto- universal childhood experiences.

Here’s some comics I made this week:

That one comic references my instagram account. I tend to post comics I make AS i make them on instagram. You can follow me there if you like: gogomachrocketsheep BUT, if you like getting one update a week with everything I get up too, you might just want to follow this here blog. You can sign up for email updates through this blog and then you’ll never miss a beat (if you use gmail, it’ll show up in your ‘social media’ folder).

Thanks for reading!

Also- everybody should get apple arcade and play the game, “clap hanz golf” it’s amazing