GoGo Weekly: April 2nd, 2022

Spring Break! Man oh man it was a good break but I’m GLAD to be BACK in the drawing chair! I was away from home so I didn’t have my regular comfy setup- that means I forgot to do a weekly update last week, as well as I haven’t done drawing videos in a while. But now I’m back with the FIFTIETH ‘let’s draw’ video! Man alive! Big thanks to my daughters for helping me out with this one.

Being away from my drawing desk/chair/table/computer/whatever and on vacation with only my ipad in tow meant that I DID have time to make some comic strips! Here they are:

The Robot Waiter is a real thing- and it was about as useful and expensive as I’ve described in this comic! haha!

That’s about it for this week- see you next week!