GoGo Weekly: April 11th, 2022

Hello! What a week, what a WEEK! I’m home from vacation so I got to sit down at the ol’ drawing desk, which means I made some art videos again! A LET’S DRAW with some bunnies (because Easter, right?) and a couple of DRAW TIMES, posted here below!

It’s quite a bit of fun to make these Draw Time videos. It’s a fun way to fulfill the “I want to draw something and make a video but it’s a whole week away from another ‘let’s draw'” and I hope you like them!

I also got around to making some comics:

There’s a lot of big news in that last one! All of it is true. We’re moving, I got into uSask to learn to be a high school teacher, I’m still making art videos, and restaurants are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE.

Other then that…

Cloudscape did an art challenge where we dig through our old sketchbooks and redraw old drawings in our modern style. Here’s my attempts:

I wouldn’t say my style has changed a ton in twenty years (I drew these in 2003 when I was in grade 12). I still prefer outlines, empty space, etc… And, in fact, I haven’t changed how I draw tshirts on guys EVER apparently- sort of funny to realize. BUT! It’s clear which drawings look cleaner/better and are more refined. Not to mention, the highschool drawings probably took a full day of slaving away, and now-a-days I can’t stand to spend more than twenty minutes on a drawing. Hopefully that sense of needless urgency will disappear- it’s a bad habit i’m actively trying to combat.

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