GoGo Weekly: April 18th, 2022

Another week, another directed drawing video! This week we’re tackling BOATS. Easy and Medium turned out great, Hard mode turned out that I didn’t have much effort left in me! haha! Ah well. I’ve been doing this fun drawing challenge with cloudscape where we re-draw old art in our modern style, and I made a ‘draw time’ of it this week:

Other then that, I’ve actually done quite a bit of drawing this week, I just can’t show any of it yet! For… Reasons! I mean, it’s not like it’s an NDA or anything, it’s just not the right time.

BUT! I DID get bit by the space-chuck bug. This is my favourite iteration I think: 4 panels a time, dumb scifi inspired jokes, strictly black and white only. Fun times!

They say make the art YOU wanna make and the audience will follow! Well, Space-Chuck has always been the closest thing to the art that I want to make, and usually my audience TANKS! haha. Ah well. I hope you’ll stick around for the odd space chuck comic from time to time!

To prove that I’m not only going to make space chuck comics, here’s a normal comic that I made this week:

This comic is directly inspired by how HORRIBLE the movie “Moon fall” is. It sucks hard.

Thanks so much for reading my comics and watching my videos! Rob Shauf, signing off.