GoGo Weekly: April 30th, 2022

This week was a pretty fun one! I think I’ll start doing real media for the hard modes more regularly- no undo makes for a real challenge! haha!

It’s pretty neat how a smartphone camera can take a better picture of art than any scanner i’ve ever owned. Here’s my critique of this here painting! 1) I need to practice making clean lines with a brush, especially pushing a line up (always better to pull a line) 2) also i guess i forgot how to apply ink evenly 3) No resizing with pencil on paper so some of the proportions look a bit wonky. That being said, not too shabby seeing as it’s been a long time!

Here are the comics I made this week:

This next one I didn’t post to social media but I’ll post here. I didn’t post it because I think it’ll only make sense if you happen to be a pastor in a north-american church and have at least a history of evangelicalism in there somewhere. If you happen to fall in that camp, you’ll probably get a kick out of it:

Other then that, I took another crack at a fun Cloudscape art challenge, redrawing a page of concept art in my own style:

I always think it’s neat to see how stuff changes from concept art to the eventual finished product. In my take, I combined the concept art with the in-game look. The girl (Garnet) has long blond hair in the concept art and uses a sword- she’s got a backless… romper? Onezie? As well as uses a sword instead of a staff. Zidane (guy) is similar except his gloves are more standard in the concept art, as well as he’s basically got a belly shirt, but in the game his vest is more pronounced. Also, in the game, he primarily uses daggers and double-bladed staves, but I thought the concept art pose looked pretty cool so I kept the sword.

Other than that, my creative endeavours primarily were related to work and are a bit dull to share here this time around. So here are some comics from the archives:

Thanks so much for reading!

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See yah next week!