GoGo Weekly- May 15th, 2022

Where else can you go to get DRAWING VIDEOS, COMICS and SWEET SWEET HOT TAKES all in one place?! Only HERE! And maybe other places. But here at GoGoMachRocketSheep, we endeavour to make good stuff to bring you some dang JOY!

This week, by the request of one of the kids who submits art for the art videos, we’re drawing RATS! Just a reminder- if you’d like to see a drawing video on a particular subject, just let me know! leave a comment on the site, email or whatever!

And now, for this week’s comic offering!

I also promised a hot take. Hmm. Apple flavoured Bubly does INDEED taste like apples, but not really the good part of apples. Sort of like, the part of apples that tastes like wood? Bubly has some good flavours, and apple isn’t one of ’em.

See ‘yall next week!