GoGo Weekly: May 21st, 2022

Hello everybody! This week, at my daughter’s request, the ‘let’s draw’ lines up with her school’s deep dive on FAIRY TALES! So I took a shot at drawing little red riding hood! It was a surprising amount of fun, but I guess I shouldn’t be TOO surprised, because I generally like drawing cartoony looking people and the easy and the medium mode are basically 100% within my style comfort zones! The hard mode turned out a bit creepy looking on the video, but it looks a bit more subdued in person.

Other then that…

It’s VANCAF this weekend! Vancaf = Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. Think one part comic convention and one part celebration of all things indie comics! I won’t be able to make it out until tomorrow afternoon, but I gotta say I’m really excited! Getting to table at the convention many years ago was a top 10 life experience. This event has been a highlight of my time living out here in BC and I’m really glad that I get to go to at least one more before we move out east. Hopefully people still have some merch left when I get there. On twitter they crowd-sourced the Roundhouse train reading a double digest, and I had some time so I was happy to oblige!

Other than that, I made a few comics this week. Here they are:

Quite a cross-selection of comics this week!

Every day I have a desire to make comics. Between GoGo, Robbie and the bot, Space Chuck, Charlie and the Ghost, Heroic, and Jeremy loves Amanda, I guess I have plenty of outlets to make dumb jokes/stories 4 panels at a time. Thanks so much for reading them!

The real question is, do I keep making bite-sized morsels 4 panels at a time, or do I (one more time) try and stretch myself to write something a bit more long form?

I don’t know. But I do know I love making the art videos. So i’ll keep that up for sure! haha.