GoGo Weekly: June 1st, 2022

No new art video this week (at time of posting!) because it’s been a mad rush to the finish with my job. For the last 15(ish) years I’ve worked at a church in a variety of roles, starting as a worship leader, then a youth pastor, and then a discipleship pastor. But yesterday (Tues, May 31, 2022) was my last day. It’s time for new adventures- I’ll miss the people- it’s been a joy working with people I get along with so well and love so deeply!

Anyways, it’s become a tradition at our church that when somebody steps off of staff, I make a mug for them! We stick their mug on a mug. I’ve never posted them all in one place, so here they are for posterity’s sake. They’re a bit ‘inside joke’ with the person themselves, but that’s okay, there’ still pretty cool. Rod (Our lead pastor, my boss!) was bummed with the fact that, with me stepping off staff, he wouldn’t get a mug, so I thought I’d just make mugs for everybody currently on staff:

Then here are the various other ones I’ve made in the last 10 years or so:

It’s crazy to me, how many of these I’ve made! I didn’t even know it was this many until I looked in my order history! haha.

Then, they made us some mugs:

They turned out so good! Anyways, 15 years is a long time to work ANYWHERE, and it’s a pretty long time to work in a church (Most youth pastors only stay in one place for a couple of years) so there has been a lot of people to say good bye to, lots of meetings to hand off responsibilities, lots of love all around!

I also got around to making a few comics:

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more art videos and comics and fun times, and thanks for letting me document all my mugs! Thanks for reading! I’m excited for what is next in life!