GoGo Weekly: June 6th, 2022!

This week I’ve got BACKPACKS on the brain, mostly because my family and I are in the thick of “packing for our big move” mode. I officially wrapped up my role last week so now it’s ALL PACKING (and getting moving stuff sorted out) ALL THE TIME! Which is actually going along pretty well! We’re definitely of the philosophy that there’s no point in moving stuff we don’t use or don’t really need…. AKA, THE GREAT PURGE of 2022! That’s led me to rifling through my old boxes in the crawl space, which led to the discovery of a big ol’ box of sketchbooks from high school and college era! AKA, like, 20 years ago. Many of the drawings have super cringy subject matter, and all of ’em aren’t great, but I mean it’s cool to see where my ‘style’ came from.

I thought it might be fun to make a video series called ‘Rob VS Rob’ where I redraw some of those old drawings (I think there are about 350 of ’em, so that might be a good project! haha) and the twist is: i need to do the redraw without using any digital art methods… So that I’m on even footing with past Rob! It’s a good way for me to continue to brush up (pun definitely intended) on my real-media art skills while also making fun videos, which are hopefully entertaining to watch! The first one can be found below:

I also got around to making some comics:

That movie theatre comic is based on our experience seeing Top Gun: Maverick, which was AWESOME. It’s the perfect sequel to the first one- and it’s definitely worth seeing on a huge screen if you can! I might be biased though, I’ve been obsessed with top gun for a long LONG time:

I drew this probably about 10 years ago. I’ll probably re-draw this one eventually, I really like fighter jets and whatnot. F-14’s are the coolest looking airplane of all time.

This drawing above is a straight-up-trace of 3 cars from 3 different movies (bonus points if you can tell me all 3!) as it was my (final!) night at the Scifi Club I helped to found! So sad. BUT! They did make me this really cool kick-butt going away present, which I will definitely hang in a place of high honour in my new house (You might have to open it in its own tab to be able to read it):

Lots going on and a busy couple of weeks until we make the move! I’ll probably do another couple of “Let’s Draw” videos before the summer break, or until my computer is all packed away, whichever comes first! That’s the nice thing about comics- I only need my ipad to make them, but the videos are a bit more involved.