GoGo Weekly: July 13th, 2022

Another week, another GoGo Weekly! This week I finally got around to making a few art videos, one about an ol’ red mage where I talk about why I found video games like final fantasy to be so influential on my artistic sensibilities, and another where I re-draw an old demon drawing where I talk a bit about what it was like to go to a conservative evangelical private christian high school. Check ’em out if you’ve got a few minutes to kill!

I also got a bit back into the swing of making comic strips, here they are:

This week the weather in Saskatoon has been absolutely gorgeous- pure summer bliss, 32 degrees C in the sun, nice and cool in the shade. That means we’ve been spending quite a bit of time outside, and that also means that the last couple of comics you see here were drawn on the reMarkable2 tablet. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with that tablet when it comes to making art- I was mostly frustrated with how cool the drawings look on the tablet itself, and how difficult it was to get the drawings OFF the tablet in a way that looked anywhere-close to as cool. BUT! They’re a couple of software updates past the last time I tried exporting stuff, and I’m happy to announce that it now looks alright. It’s still a slow process to make anything that looks good on it, but when you’re outside in the sun sipping coffee and casually drawing a comic, efficiency is the last thing on your mind!

Thanks for reading this here weekly update! I’ll probably start writing them on the weekend again (likely on Sundays) now that we’re starting to get back into a solid family routine. Don’t forget, if you have instagram you can follow me here and if you wanna get my videos as I release them, subscribe to my youtube channel! Thanks so much! 😀