GoGo Weekly: July 25th, 2022

No videos this week, but a bunch of comics:

We were at West Edmonton Mall this week, taking the kids to what was one of my top essential experiences as a kid. We also needed to hit up an IKEA, which we don’t have in Saskatoon but Edmonton does have it! It was a good trip but next time I don’t think we’ll go for the cheap hotel. Other than that, I spent a bit of time exploring Saskatoon’s comic shops- I’m happy to report that there are not one but TWO first class comic stores that I’m excited to frequent! It’s pretty rad to have that, normally I’d have to drive into Vancouver for my nerd fixin’s but NO LONGER!

I was going to get back into making some art videos this week, and then the remnants of a virus I had last month (not monkeypox, just a regular ol’ case of ADULT hand-foot and mouth disease) made it look like my hands were melting off, and I thought that might look pretty dang nasty in an art video. It’s pretty much back to normal now though!

Anyways, due to the lack of videos this week, here are some more comics from the archive:

Ahhh good times! It’s fun looking back in the archives and seeing the similarities and differences in art style and all that jazz. Looks like I’ve always been a fan of heavily relying on line art, but I’m happy to report that I think my line art has gotten more consistent and legible. Also, comics that used to take up to three hours to make now only take about an hour, so that’s nice progress to see! I’d like to push myself more with the art though, and also move back away from making comics so tied to autobiography. We’ll see!

Don’t forget I’ve got books for sale if you’d like one, and if you live in Canada shipping is pretty cheap (like $5 I think?) If you live outside of north America, I have a different way of getting it to you, but you can still use the form on that link to get a book.

Thanks so much for reading my comics and we’ll see you next week!